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The Story of MadeByBernadine

From NYC to North Atlanta 

Hi! I’m Bernadine, CEO and baker of MadeByBernadine. My love of baking started in my home in New York, and I started my business there before moving to Dawsonville, GA for my senior year of high school. Unsure as to how my business would work in a new state, I started advertising to get the word out- before I knew it, I was taking orders for almost every weekend of the month! I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who supports me, and hope that I can continue serving the area! You can be sure that whenever you order from MadeByBernadine, you’ll be getting the freshest ingredients, made from scratch always (no boxes here!) and the best quality that can be offered. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you find what you’re looking for. 🤍
~ Bernadine 

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